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One of the major ways that the Society promotes meteorological science is through publishing a series of world-leading journals.

These are Atmospheric Science Letters (ASL), an online only journal, the Quarterly Journal (QJ), Meteorological Applications (Met Apps) and International Journal of Climatology (IJC). We also publish WIREs, a climate change journal, which is published in association with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and an Open Access Geoscience Data Journal

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  • Wires Climate Change Journal


    An important new forum to promote cross-disciplinary discussion of a global phenomenon with long-term societal implications. Published in association with the Royal Meteorological Society and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

  • Quarterly Journal


    The Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society contains papers, notes and correspondence by leading meteorologists presenting the results of recent research, in eight editions each year. It is generally accepted as being among the world's leading scientific journals.

  • Meteorological Applications

    meteorological applications

    Meteorological Applications was first published in March 1994 for applied meteorologists, forecasters and users of meteorological services. Its papers, provide information on weather events, numerical models and other forecasting aids and systems, and the science and technology supporting meteorological applications.

  • International Journal of Climatology

    The International Journal of Climatology is a journal covering all aspects of climatology. It is issued 15 times a year and is truly international in character with associate editors overseas.

  • Atmospheric Science Letters

    atmospheric science letters

    Atmospheric Science Letters is an on-line journal launched in 2000. It provides a fast-track peer-reviewed publication route for shorter contributions in the field of atmospheric science and related subjects.

  • Weather

    weather journal

    Weather is the Society's monthly magazine, which is free to members. It is written in a style intended to appeal to all who have an interest in weather and climate.


  • Geoscience Data Journal


    An online-only journal, GDJ publishes short data papers cross-linked to, and citing, datasets that have been deposited in approved data centres and awarded DOIs.

  • Classic Papers

    classic papers

    We publish a series of classic meteorological papers, which are available for download as pdf