About Cammie Czuchnicki


As a child I remember being really scared of storms, but mixed with this fear was excitement and wonder. The more I learnt about ‘Tornado Alley’ the more intense my desire to go storm chasing became. Being a keen photographer and lover of nature, I can't think of a more suitable hobby!

My first trip to the US was in May 2010 and I spent 3 weeks storm chasing with my boyfriend. In preparation for the trip I studied the OU course ‘Understanding the Weather’ and spent as much time as possible immersing myself in the online chaser community, asking questions on forums and building up contacts. The trip itself was amazing and the weather more spectacular than I ever imagined.

In October 2010 I put my job as a programmer within the insurance industry on hold and returned to university to study the Applied Meteorology MSc course at Reading University. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about all aspects of the weather but in particular it gave me an appreciation of the mechanics that drive the weather I so love on the Plains in the US.

I have since returned to my job as a programmer but feel my qualification has greatly enhanced my time chasing. I now spend most of the year planning my next storm chasing trip and further developing a site to showcase some of my favourite photos and potentially help fund future trips.