Visit to CCRC Australia

December 2014




I was very grateful to have received additional travel support from the Royal Meteorological Society for my visit to the University of Melbourne and the Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC) at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. I was further able to attend the AMOS Postgraduate Symposium for Meteorology, Oceanography and Climate System Science in Melbourne. My visit lasted about 6 weeks between October and December 2014.

For about 5 weeks I have been working together with meteorologists in the Earth Science Department at the University of Melbourne. I mainly analysed the relation of atmospheric waves in the mid troposphere and extra-tropical cyclones especially those causing high wind speeds at the surface.  First results reveal that the amplitude of waves with certain wave lengths is increased at the time of a strong wind event. Regarding the phases of the atmospheric waves the location of the wind event appears more frequently when the meridional component of the flow is most pronounced. 

This work and research collaboration with the University of Melbourne will be continued and is planned to constitute a chapter of my PhD thesis and will further be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. During my stay I was also able to give a talk about existing results of my thesis at the AMOS Postgraduate Symposium which was held at the University of Melbourne and lasted one day. All contributors were PhD students of either Meteorology or Oceanography. The format of this symposium is generally comparable to the RMetSoc Student Conference. The day finished with a panel discussion about media presence and social networking as a scientist especially aimed at early career researchers.

My visit finished with a 3 day visit at the CCRC in Sydney. I gave a seminar about my ongoing PhD research. The comments I received and the discussion which followed will be very helpful for streamlining my existing results and will certainly contribute