RMetS Student Conference 2015

July 2015




I’m indeed very grateful to the Royal Meteorological Society for granting me an award from the Legacies Fund to participate in the RMetS student conference in Birmingham from 1st July to 3rd July 2015. As a self-funded PhD research student, the grant couldn’t have come at a better time.

The conference was well attended with PhD students and delegates from across the UK and was graced by a number of key note speakers addressing topics of weather and climate in the past, present and future. Over the three days conference duration, high quality oral presentations were delivered in the mornings/ early afternoon sessions followed closely with poster sessions in the late afternoons. Participants gained from showcasing their work through diverse feedbacks and exchange of ideas. That’s not all, the conference provided delegates with great conference dinner on Wednesday and Thursday and a photo session to cap it up.

The high point for me was the privilege to present the details and results of my first year study on the ‘Potential impacts of likely future changes in rainfall on sugar beet productivity in England’. I benefitted from presenting my work to a more diverse audience outside of my normal departmental presentations and seminars. This experience was very valuable to me especially receiving candid feedbacks and suggestions from other delegates even after the sessions were over. Overall, the conference provided me with an excellent and great opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with other PhD students and researchers. It was a brilliant three days for me. Thank you, RMetS!