Report on EGU 2013 participation of Vasileios Pappas, subsidized by Legacies Fund award

March 2013




I would like to thank you once more for the financial help the Royal Meteorological Society has provided me with, in order to be able to attend European Geophysical Union conference in Vienna, Austria.

I attended 4 out of 5 days of the conference, during which I had the chance to attend some very interesting presentations and meetings for my PhD research, but also for atmospheric studies in general. Apart from that, my presence there was a great boost towards extending my network, which is very important for any young scientist.

On Friday, last day of the conference, during the session entitled ‘Mediterranean aerosols: from physic-chemical and optical properties to radiative and climate effects’, I presented my poster with the title ‘Aerosol effect on atmospheric heating rates in the Mediterranean region using vertically resolved satellite aerosol data’. This project is in fact the last part of my PhD, the aim of which has been to use vertically detailed aerosol data in order to investigate what the effect of the aerosol stratification is on heating rates. For the PhD and the poster, the region that was studied, was the Mediterranean region, which is very important in terms of the variety of aerosol types present there (desert dust, marine, urban). The poster session was very interesting and included a range of projects. Several participants were interested in my poster and I had very useful feedback, which I will take into account in order to publish my results in a peer-reviewed journal.

As a conclusion, I am happy that I managed –with the aid of Royal Meteorological Society- to attend EGU. With a participant number of around 13000, it is definitely an event that all scientists, relevant with the field, should attend.