Eighth International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones (IWTC-VIII) and third International Workshop on Tropical Cyclone Landfall Processes (IWTCLP-III) 1-10 December 2014, Jeju, Republic of Korea

December 2014




This event occurs every 4 years and brings together experts in the field of tropical cyclones. There were attendees from a large number of operational centres and institutions, with a mix of forecasters and researchers. With a workshop format, attendees submitted synopses on progress in their area of expertise prior to the meeting and a designated rapporteur presented a brief summary to the entire group. Topics were covered one by one, with a total of 8, including tropical cyclone motion, structure and rainfall. Key to making this event so successful were the scheduled breakout discussions following each topic. Here, within groups of around 10 colleagues, everyone was heard and views and knowledge were exchanged. From these discussions, recommendations were put forward to a committee who at the end of the conference, presented these for discussion. Recommendations are for the WMO, forecasters and researchers and provide guidance on where to concentrate efforts in the next 4 years, and beyond. Attending this meeting was a hugely valuable experience, where I met with many esteemed experts and was able to contribute to discussions on a variety of topics, including providing detail about my work and work of the group that I am part of in the UK.

Many thanks for your grant, which made this worthwhile event possible.