CPD Report FAQs

Advice about how to use ACCSYS to record CPD activities and create a CPD Report is available on the RMetS website: www.rmets.org/sites/default/files/CPD-reports.pdf

Your CPD Report will be reviewed and the purpose of this document is to answer some questions you may have about the review process.


Why do I have to create a CPD Report?

When RMet or CMet Accreditation is conferred, you make a commitment to maintain your professional currency. This means that you will keep your knowledge and practice up to date through a process of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Who reviews my CPD Report?

The Accreditation Board has appointed a Panel of CMets to review CPD Reports. Members of the Panel work voluntarily on this task as part of their professional practice and also submit their own CPD Reports for review.

What counts as CPD?

  • A wide range of professional activity can be regarded as CPD. A helpful list is provided on the RMetS website: www.rmets.org/our-activities/professional-accreditation/continuing-profe....
  • When selecting CPD Records to offer as evidence supporting the Core Competencies, you should try to provide some breadth/variety, not just a list of courses attended.
  • Where necessary, explain why a particular CPD activity offered an opportunity for professional development – not just ‘doing the job’.

What are the CPD Report reviewers looking for?

There is no point scoring process for creating a successful CPD Report. The reviewer is looking for clear and concise evidence that you:

  • maintain the competencies assessed when accreditation was conferred
  • continue to further develop your knowledge and skills
  • keep up with the advances in meteorology in general and your specialist area(s) in particular
  • steadily improve your experience, capability and contribution

How do I create a successful CPD Report?

The review will focus on how you describe the evidence for maintaining the five Core Competencies and the CPD Records which support this. You should refer to at least one and not more than three CPD Records for each Core Competency. The reviewer will be able to inspect all your CPD Records if they feel it necessary to get a more detailed overview of your professional activity.

When describing how you meet each Competency you should do it with enthusiasm and commitment. Imagine this is part of a job/promotion application where you want to provide a truthful and positive impression. However, you should not decorate your CPD Report with unimportant detail. The ability to be concise while including important detail is in itself a mark of professional competence.

A CPD Report which effectively states that you are doing the same job as at the time Accreditation was granted, without providing any substantial evidence of developing knowledge and practice, falls short of what is expected.

Can I see an example of a good CPD report?

The following is an extract from a well written CPD report for demonstrating a personal commitment to professional standards:

“I comply with all relevant codes of conduct and practice, including CMet standards as well as those pertaining to my own organisation. Despite the challenges of being embedded in another organisation where there are significantly fewer CPD opportunities compared to my parent organisation, I work hard to maintain my personal competence through attending courses, mentoring and associated reading.

Since arriving my focus has been to develop a better understanding of local meteorology and to develop the softer skills that will make me more effective in my work. Throughout the period I have demonstrated a high standard of honesty and integrity, which has resulted in me establishing a high level of trust with local staff. Attendance at various conferences in the region has ensured that I am keeping up to date with the international context of the provision of meteorological services. I have exercised good judgement by quickly identifying and resolving issues that arise, even where they occur in areas outside of my immediate responsibility, such as contractual, legal and financial matters. As I work in a foreign organisation with its own national and organisational culture, I have made sure that I have strong support networks both locally and within my parent organisation. These networks help me to maintain objectivity in my work, so that I can decide when to escalate issues to headquarters and when I can deal with them myself.”

Do I have to reveal confidential information about my work?

If you are involved in work which is of a confidential or commercially-sensitive nature, you should not reveal anything in your CPD Records or Report which would be unacceptable to your employer. In a commercial context, bear in mind that your CPD Report might be read by a competitor!

Can I submit my CPD Report on paper?

CPD Reports can only be submitted online via ACCSYS.

Do I have to complete all the details in ACCSYS?

The functionality provided by ACCSYS allows you to maintain a personal record in as much detail as you wish, over a period of many years.

It is unlikely to be necessary to review everything as part of the CPD Review process, but it is very important to enter the Completion Date of CPD Records correctly so that they fall within the period covered by the review.

What if I submit my CPD Report late?

You will be given several weeks notice of the deadline for delivering your CPD Report. Failure to meet a reasonable deadline may be regarded as poor professional practice – which is one of the Competencies under review.

If there is some exceptional circumstance that prevents you from delivering your CPD Report on time you should notify RMetS in advance and agree a revised deadline.

What if my CPD Report is not considered to be satisfactory?

If the CMet who reviews your CPD Report judges it to be unsatisfactory, it will be reviewed again by another member of the Panel. If this outcome is confirmed you will advised about where your CPD Report falls short of expectation and given an opportunity to re-submit within a specified time.

The most frequent reason for a CPD Report being regarded as unsatisfactory is that the evidence has been assembled in a minimal/lazy fashion, even though the candidate has probably had sufficient opportunity to maintain Professional Accreditation.