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The European Meteorological Society

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The European Meteorological Society (EMS) was established in 1999 as an association of societies. The RMetS was one of the founding members of the EMS and has a permanent representative on its Council.

At present the EMS membership consists of 36 Meteorological Societies from 30 European countries. In addition it has 29 Associate Members made up of National Meteorological Services (e.g. Met Office, Deutscher Wetterdienst and Météo-France), international institutions (e.g. ECMWF and EUMETSAT) and commercial companies.

The EMS has three key objectives. They are to:

  • Promote professional standards and best practice across European meteorological service providers and practitioners.
  • Raise the profile of Member Societies.
  • Establish collaborative activities and share experience.

An important activity of the EMS is the running of the EMS Annual Meetings. These are held in conjunction with the European Conference on Applications of Meteorology and the European Conference on Applications of Climatology on alternate years. In addition the EMS is involved in various aspects of education, communications and policy development.


The Science Council

The Science Council web site

science councilThe Science Council is a membership organisation representing the learned societies and professional institutions across the breadth of science in the UK. Its purpose is to provide a collective voice for science and scientists and to maintain standards across all the scientific disciplines.


The International Forum for Meteorological Societies

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frsmLeaders of nineteen of the world’s regional and national meteorological societies recently met and unanimously agreed to form a first-ever International Forum of Meteorological Societies. The fundamental goal of the IFMS is very basic; it is to foster and encourage communication and exchange of knowledge, ideas and resources among the world’s more than sixty meteorological societies. Such exchanges occur today only on a bi-lateral basis or through the efforts of three regional meteorological societies: the African Meteorological Society, the European Meteorological Society (EMS), and the Latino American Federation of Meteorological Societies (FLISMET). The IFMS is to be quite distinct from the World Meteorological Organization. Whereas the WMO is an agency of the United Nations that deals with observations, standards, data exchange and technology transfer among its 188 member states and territories, the IFMS will focus on advancing the goals and objectives of the world’s professional and scientific societies. The IFMS is intended to be an informal mechanism that facilitates interactions among Societies and, as such, will not have any legal or official formalism.


UK Flight Safety Committee


ukfscThe UK Flight Safety Committee is an unincorporated association of professional dedicated to the improvement of Commercial Aviation Safety
The United Kingdom Flight Safety Committee (“UKFSC”) was formed in 1959 by the then Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation as the 'Transport Flight Safety Committee'. This title was maintained until 1961 when the Committee became financially independent of Government and became known as the United Kingdom Flight Safety Committee. The UKFSC is not incorporated.
The objectives of the UKFSC are to:

  • Pursue the highest standards of aviation safety.
  • Constitute a body of experienced aviation safety personnel available for consultation.
  • Facilitate the free exchange of aviation safety data.
  • Maintain an appropriate liaison with other bodies concerned with aviation safety.
  • Provide assistance to operators establishing and maintaining a flight safety organization.


Gasco web site

gascoGASCo was founded in 1964 to provide a forum in which all of the General Aviation organisations could meet to share safety information. There were only a few members in those days but today almost every organisation that represents those who supply, maintain, control, support, regulate and, most importantly, fly each and every kind of flying machine is a member of GASCo. They meet to share experiences and ideas for the improvement of flight safety. GASCo is a Charity funded by its member organisations, pilots, aviation authorities and other generous contributors.