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The Weather, Arts and Music Special Interest Group was formed in 2012 following the first-ever Festival of Weather, Arts and Music on Jubilee Weekend in June 2012, at the Town Hall in Reading.

WAM seeks to explore the possibilities inherent in bringing together such creative areas of activity as science and the arts and bring meteorology and climate science to a wider public through the powerful communication tool that is the arts.


The SIG is led by a steering committee which supervises its activities both within and outside the Society. The Group organises its own meetings and events, and contributes to other Society activities, such as the Amateur Conference to be held in 2016.

The SIG is chaired by Pierrette Thomet, Director of the WAM Festival and a musician and artist. She can be contacted on

The Secretary is Dr Peter Stott, and the Treasurer is Prof John Thornes.





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