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The Climate Science Special Interest Group will aim to sustain, encourage and progress activity in climate science. By climate science we mean that the focus will be on the meteorological and related earth system sciences, and will include climate change. Consideration will also be given to the impacts of climate/ climate change and relevant societal implications and technical aspects of responses.

The Group will:
• provide an update to the Society on the latest advances in climate science and their  implications for society;
• work closely with the Climate Science Communications Group on joint activities, such as briefing papers, statements and events on climate science;
• identify potential collaborators and partners for the Society to engage with regarding climate science;
• organise meetings on climate science, the impacts of climate change and technical solutions for both mitigation and adaption;
• potentially facilitate consortium grant proposals.

The Group will work closely with the Climate Science Communications group to ensure the advancement of understanding in this science area.


David Warrilow OBE will Chair the group. The group will be overseen by a small committee, drawn from a cross-section of climate scientists, decision makers and industry.  One committee member of the Special Interest Group will also sit on the Climate Science Communications Group. Committee members shall normally be appointed for a period of 3 years by the Chair of the Group. 

Schedule of Meetings:
The Special Interest Group committee will meet twice a year and additionally if required in order to deliver its aims. The first meeting is scheduled for 17th October 2016.